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How to change Time zone in Centos ?

Simple steps to change time zone in centos or redhat , in our configuration guide. We are going to show you on below example. Operating System              : Centos release 6.5 (Final) 32 bit Current Date and Time (zone)  : EST 2014 (New_York) Change to : GST 2014 (Dubai)

MRTG Installation and Configuration steps on Centos / Redhat

MRTG: Mutli Router Traffic Grapher, It is nothing but the network traffic Monitoring over snmp protocol. Written in Perl works on  Windows &  Linux platforms. MRTG is a free software package under the GNU GPL. MRTG helps us to monitor snmp enabled devices like (router, Switches or any snmp enabled).

Linux login without any password from windows using PUTTY

The process is used to login remote Linux machine through putty from windows machine. Communication between windows client and Linux Server can be made through  putty by creating pair of keys (public and private). This guide will help you to configure password less login to remote Linux machine from windows client using putty. Steps : […]

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