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Squid as transparent proxy

What is Squid? Squid is internet (web) cache proxy server to optimize the internet usage by storing frequently accessed data to its cache, which provides faster access to the same contents request of the clients. Also keeps track of user actions in squid.log file which locates in /var/log/squid/access.log Applying Access Control List to prevent unwanted […]

IP Address Configuration in Kali Linux

IP Address Configuration in Kali Linux   Kali is built on Debian platform, in our configuration guide we are going to cover IP address configuration in Kali Linux . IP address configuration in Kali Linux – Steps 1. IP address configuration in kali linux Static and Dynamic. 2. Virtual Interface and Virtual IP configuration configuration […]

IP configuration in linux

How to configure IP address in Linux The IP address configuration in Linux flavors like (centos , redhat & Fedora) are similar. IP address require to communicate with other node in network. communication is nothing but data transfer between nodes.   IP version: IPv4(4octets , each octet equal to 8bits) total 8*4= 32bit (present). Ex: […]

Install VNC Server on Centos / Redhat /Redora

VNC (Virtual Networking Computing) is a desktop sharing system over the network (LAN/VPN/WAN) , this allows you to connect any server with VNCserver software installed. VNC software required Server (destination machine)     : Tiger-VNC-Server Client(Source machine)      : Tight-VNC-viewer In our installation guide we are going to use Centos 6.5 – 64bit operating system to install […]

Install and configure clamAV Antivirus on Centos

Clamav is an open source antivirus software for detecting virus on Linux platform.  The installation & Configuration guide will show you the steps to install and configure ClamAV .  Follow below steps. We assume that you have installed Centos 6.X on 64bit architecture. In our installation guide we are using Centos 6.4 , 64bit The […]

Password Protect Your Website Admin Area

Easy steps on how to password protect WordPress / CMS admin area.  Password protection required to enhance security layer and prevent from attacker to access admin panel. In our guide we assume that you have installed WordPress on Linux using name based virtual hosting With our guide we are going to use to host.

How to Removing Bad PVs ?

PV = Physical Volume VG = Volume Group LV = Logical Volume In our test scenario we are going to create a partition with the sdc disk drive and tag as an lvm file system and remove the parition to encounter bad pvs error during pvdisplay / vgdisplay.

How to Increase Partition in Linux using LVM ?

Resize of LVM partition is very easy in Unix , resize of LVM partition can be done without unmounting the the existing file system parition. let’s assume that you have an ext3 partition lv_root which is mounted on / and a swap partition lv_root in a logical volume group vg_controller, now you are running out […]

Xampp web server, apache Integration with tomcat apache using Proxypass and Proxypassreverse

Xampp web server, apache integration with tomcat apache using Proxypass and Proxypassreverse. Following apache modules required to load in httpd.conf file. LoadModule proxy_module modules/ LoadModule proxy_ajp_module modules/ LoadModule proxy_http_module modules/

XAMPP Virtual Host Configuration on Windows

XAMPP is a open source  web server package bundles of (Apache, PHP, Mysql , FTP  & Tomcat Apache). Installation and virtual hosting configuration on XAMPP server on Windows7 / Windows 2003 / Windows 2008. XAMPP server  installation & configuration guide have prepared for following platform and services

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