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Test the FailOver – Chapter 3

Cross checks the status of master and slave namenode  using  below hdfs command. [hduser@mn1~]$hdfs haadmin -getServiceState mn1 [hduser@mn1~]$hdfs haadmin -getServiceState mn2 In our installation guide we are going to show you Failover test using two methods

Configuring Apache Hadoop Cluster & High Availability – Chapter 2

Steps : Step1: download and configure Zookeeper Step2: Hadoop configuration and high availability settings Step3: creating  folders for Hadoop cluster and  file permissions Step4: hdfs service and file system format

Installing Hadoop 2.3.0 – Chapter 1

Steps : Step 1 : Installing jdk & configure ssh password less login between Hadoop cluster nodes. Step 2 : Download Apache Hadoop 2.3.0 and configure the cluster nodes

Installation of Apache Hadoop Cluster and High Availability

Apache Hadoop cluster configuration on Hadoop 2.3.0 with high availability,  complete installation and configuration has been divided into three  chapters as below. Chapter 1            : Installing Hadoop 2.3.0 Chapter 2            : Configuring Hadoop cluster high availability. Chapter 3            : Test the failover. Quorum Journal Manager or  Shared Storage(NFS share) Method : Quorum Journal Manager

Hadoop Fuse Installation and Configuration on Centos

What is Fuse? FUSE permits you to write down a traditional user land application as a bridge for a conventional file system interface. The hadoop-hdfs-fuse package permits you to use your HDFS cluster as if it were a conventional file system on Linux. It’s assumed that you simply have a operating HDFS cluster and grasp […]

Hive Database Installation on Centos

Hive is an Apache Hive data warehouse software for querying and managing a large dataset store in distributed storage  (hdfs, Hadoop). Hive provides a platform to Project structure onto this data and query the data using a language called HIVEQL. Step 1: System Requirements and Dependencies Step 2: Download and Install Hive Step 3: Copy .xml files […]

Hadoop Installation Steps on Centos 6

Apache Hadoop a open source software platform to approach massive information storage into the database. It permits multiprocessing of massive data information across any trade standards to store and process the info and additionally scale with none limits.In today’s world were immense information is being created in organisation that may have an answer by upgrading […]

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