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CollabNetSubversionEdge Server installation and configuration

How to install SVN server on Linux ?   SVN is a part of Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC). SVN server is required to manage source code versioning in development enviornment, CollabNetSubversionEdge is open source (freeware). CollabNetSubversionEdge support on variety of Operating systems like Linux, Solari & Windows.

XAMPP Virtual Host Configuration on Windows

XAMPP is a open source  web server package bundles of (Apache, PHP, Mysql , FTP  & Tomcat Apache). Installation and virtual hosting configuration on XAMPP server on Windows7 / Windows 2003 / Windows 2008. XAMPP server  installation & configuration guide have prepared for following platform and services

How to configure user Authentication for OpenVPN ?

OpenVPN user authentication required for more secure environment level  1 authentication (public  and private key ) and level 2 user authentication. In our configuration guide we are going to create a user account in Linux and enable Pam module in VPN server configuration  file (/etc/openvpn/server.conf). The module and the location : 64bit arch/OS /usr/lib64/opnevpn/plugin/lib/ Login

MongoDB Installation steps on Windows 7

MongoDB is that the fast and extremely ascendable information that accepts RDBMS systems which offer structured schema and dominant queries. MongoDB is extremely motivating info, as a result of it\’s extremely tremendous options like quick, in-place update, auto shading for cloud level quantifiability etc.

How to monitor windows client in cacti?

How to monitor windows client in cacti? Cacti is a observance / monitoring tool from that Infrastructure resources is monitored like (Windows machines, UNIX operating system machines, switch, Routers and SNMP based devices).

Active Directory Installation on Windows Server 2008 R2

This installation steps offer info concerning Active Directory on Windows Server® 2008 R2 package that features problems that you just might have to figure around before beginning AN installation. These sections offer the Windows server interface, command-line, and answer file ways for performing arts installations of active directory. You may be prompted for a basic […]

Openfire Spark Messenger Installation on Windows

The installation associated directions pertain to the Windows software system package (OS) of  an spark messenger on windows software package. Spark permits you to simply communicate with alternative people in time period via text-based chat – additional normally referred to as Instant electronic communication. Spark conjointly permits you to manage your convenience for chat by […]

Openfire Server Installation on Windows

Openfire is a cross-platform server and might be put in below Linux, Solaris, Mac, or Windows package environments. Once it involves system necessities, Openfire is extremely suave and an ideal gentleman UN agency has very moderate demands. Openfire is an instant messenger (IM) and chat server that works with XMPP protocol. This document will provide […]

Linux login without any password from windows using PUTTY

The process is used to login remote Linux machine through putty from windows machine. Communication between windows client and Linux Server can be made through  putty by creating pair of keys (public and private). This guide will help you to configure password less login to remote Linux machine from windows client using putty. Steps : […]

Configuration of Windows Host on Nagios using NSCLIENT++

To monitor Windows machine services using the Nagios monitoring tool you required an agent that need to be installed on windows client. It acts as a proxy between the Nagios server and  Windows machine. The installation procedure can be followed as: Steps : Step 1 : At first check for configure task .i.e  .cfg files […]

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