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SVN client configuration on Linux

How to install and configure svn client on linux and useful commands   SVN is a part of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). SVN server is required to manage source code version in the development environment, CollabNetSubversionEdge is open source (freeware). CollabNetSubversionEdge support of variety of Operating systems like Linux, Solari & Windows. svn server […]

HTTP method vulnerability check using NMAP

How check HTTP method vulnerability using NMAP?   Scripting engine(NSE) Module, which enhances NMAP to a vulnerability scanner. Search .nse scripts location in your Linux box. And make sure that dependency software package installed .

IP configuration in linux

How to configure IP address in Linux The IP address configuration in Linux flavors like (centos , redhat & Fedora) are similar. IP address require to communicate with other node in network. communication is nothing but data transfer between nodes.   IP version: IPv4(4octets , each octet equal to 8bits) total 8*4= 32bit (present). Ex: […]

Password Protect Your Website Admin Area

Easy steps on how to password protect WordPress / CMS admin area.  Password protection required to enhance security layer and prevent from attacker to access admin panel. In our guide we assume that you have installed WordPress on Linux using name based virtual hosting With our guide we are going to use to host.

How to install OpenVPN on Centos – 2/2

OpenVPN client installation and configuration windows In our installation guide we covered all the steps like : download , install , configure & connect to OpenVPN server. Download OpenVPN client for windows from below download link .

How to install OpenVPN on Centos 6.X

What is VPN ? Virtual Private Network over the Pulic Network(internet) using secure channel (encryption). VPN establishes secure connectivity, remote users or site to site.

Apache Integration with Tomcat Apache

Application server performance like (Jboss / Tomcat) is slower than webservers like (IIS / Apache ). Jboss : Java based application server (J2EE) Tomcat : Java servlet engine. Tomcat Apache is an open source application server written in Java, The default port for  java application server is 8080 and apache 80.

Restore the Linux Root Password

How to restore the Linux Root Password In most cases the administrator forgets the root  password , below steps  will guide  you to reset root  password. Let us see the steps one by one:

Openfire Server Installation and Configuration

Openfire Server Installation And Configuration Openfire is a messaging collaboration server licensed under the open source Apache foundation.  It uses open protocol called XMPP (Jabber) which is widely used for Instant messaging system, the features supported (Text Chat , Voice Chat , Files sharing , Desktop sharing & archive). Let us see the steps of […]

dotProject Installation on Centos 6

dotProject Installation on Centos 6 dotProject is an Open Source Project Management application, supported free of charge by web developers from all over the world. dotProject is written in PHP and is totally free to anyone who would like to download and use it. It is easy to work with dotProject because it has clean […]

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