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Install VNC Server on Centos / Redhat /Redora

VNC (Virtual Networking Computing) is a desktop sharing system over the network (LAN/VPN/WAN) , this allows you to connect any server with VNCserver software installed. VNC software required Server (destination machine)     : Tiger-VNC-Server Client(Source machine)      : Tight-VNC-viewer In our installation guide we are going to use Centos 6.5 – 64bit operating system to install […]

How to Install VirtualBox & phpVirtualBox on Centos / Redhat

VirtualBox is virtualization product which can run on a variety of operating systems, virtualbox is a product similar to other virtualization platform software tools like VMware , XEN , KVM & Hypervisor. VirtualBox, this support various of a guest OS system which includes windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Linux, Centos & Solaris. VirtualBox is […]

Hadoop Fuse Installation and Configuration on Centos

What is Fuse? FUSE permits you to write down a traditional user land application as a bridge for a conventional file system interface. The hadoop-hdfs-fuse package permits you to use your HDFS cluster as if it were a conventional file system on Linux. It’s assumed that you simply have a operating HDFS cluster and grasp […]

Hive Database Installation on Centos

Hive is an Apache Hive data warehouse software for querying and managing a large dataset store in distributed storage  (hdfs, Hadoop). Hive provides a platform to Project structure onto this data and query the data using a language called HIVEQL. Step 1: System Requirements and Dependencies Step 2: Download and Install Hive Step 3: Copy .xml files […]

Techmark Solutions based on Hyderabad

Techmark Solutions based on Hyderabad is a leading Open Source Solutions provider in domestic and International market without geographical restrictions.   We have been providing IT Infrastructure Solutions for all type industries. Techmark solutions have experts team for all type of IT related solutions. Our services and Products    Products/services we offer: A.   Services […]

VMware View 5: Virtualizing Office 2010 using Thinapp

VMware View 5: Virtualizing Office 2010 using Thinapp Step1. Taking snap shot prior to perform ms-office or any other software installation which helps us revert backup . Step2. Specify Snapshot name Step3. Login to dedicated VM for installing MS-office    

ThinApps Installation and configuration steps

  VMware View  5  ThinApps  installation and configuration Reference URL: Pre-requisites: Install dedicated VM’s for Windows XP and Windows 7(for installations required software’s  for assigning   to pool or desktop) Install VMware-ThinApp-Enterprise-4.6.1-361923.exe in associated dedicated VM.  Office Bulk Licens.  VMware-ThinApp-Enterprise software in dedicated VM for Thinapps.

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