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Apache hardening checklist

How to secure Apache web server? Hardening to the web server is a very challenging in day to day life. Some useful techniques to minimize the risk of being a victim of hacked. The following checklist to secure Apache web server 1. Upgrade Apache web server 2. Prevent Apache web server version display 3. Prevent Directory […]

SVN client configuration on Linux

How to install and configure svn client on linux and useful commands   SVN is a part of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). SVN server is required to manage source code version in the development environment, CollabNetSubversionEdge is open source (freeware). CollabNetSubversionEdge support of variety of Operating systems like Linux, Solari & Windows. svn server […]

Zimbra Mail Installation Steps

  Zimbra is associate degree enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration resolution, designed for the cloud, each public and personal. With a redesigned browser-based interface, Zimbra offers the foremost innovative electronic communication expertise on the market these days, connecting finish users to the knowledge and activity in their personal clouds.  Allow us to see the installation […]

Hudson Installation & Configuration

Hudson installation , what is hudson , hudson installing on windows , hudson installing on centos , hudson installation steps , what is hudson? What is Continuous Integration Installing Hudson Hudson introduction and features Configuring Hudson Creating and Organizing Jobs Managing Builds Managing Plugins User authentication and authorization Monitoring External Jobs   What is Continuous […]

How to install hudson on redhat, hudson installation steps

Hudson installation steps on centos, Hudson installation steps on redhat, how to install Hudson on centos,How to install hudson on redhat, hudson installation steps. Installing Hudson and JDK on centos, redhat or fedora. Step 1 Download java jdk latest version from below URL. Once JDK downloaded, extract JDK #tar -zxvf jdk1.7.0_21.tgz

How redirecting 404 error with .htaccess ?

How redirecting 404 error with .htaccess ? 404 error means “ page not found “.  Basically this occurs when you make a mistake spelling page name in a site while typing or reference by google search, of if the page is deleted or moved. Add fallowing entry in .htaccess file for page redirection. Make sure to […]

Techmark Solutions based on Hyderabad

Techmark Solutions based on Hyderabad is a leading Open Source Solutions provider in domestic and International market without geographical restrictions.   We have been providing IT Infrastructure Solutions for all type industries. Techmark solutions have experts team for all type of IT related solutions. Our services and Products    Products/services we offer: A.   Services […]

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