Domain Name Server Configuration

To create your own Name server you have got to register them with a site name registrar. Whenever you begin the registration, initial of all you wish to understand the name server IP address for every nameserver.

It varies with completely different domain registrar sources. To set up the name server follows the below procedure.

Step 1:  Login to Domain Hosting site

Step 2:  Download and Configure Packages

Step 3:  Restart and check Services

To complete your own name server start the process:

Step 1:  Login to Domain Hosting site

i. Open Domain Hosting site

 Open the browser and enter at  URL

ii. Get  Domain Name

You can get the domain name which is  present. To check whether the domain name Is present or not, just type your domain name and click on the Go button.


iii. Login to your account

Enter your Email and Password to sign in, if you don’t have an account register yourself and then login.

iv. Open my Account

Click on my Account and wait for the page opens. Then click on

Manage Orders GOTO List/Search Orders


v. Domain Management

Click on your Domain Name which is in the list of orders , For Example


Then it goes to Domain Registration, after that click on “Child Name Servers” to manage child name servers it provides the host details and IP address which are already registered.

And also, if you want to add a new host name and IP address add it and save.


vi. DNS Management

On the left side of the page, click on DNS Management then click on Manage DNS goto list of host names and click on that host name which you want to modify.


Click on add record to add a new host name and provide new host details that you have to add.


Step 2: Download and Configure packages

After adding new host name to open cmd and ping the domain name. After pinging open the putty with name server IP address and log in with the host name

Download and install bind packages

1. Open putty to download and install the bind packages

#yum install bind


2. Edit network,hosts,resolv and named

i. Edit a network file by adding host name.

#vi  /etc/sysconfig/network

ii. Edit hosts file by adding IP address and host name

#vi  /etc/hosts

iii. Edit resolve config file by adding

#vi  /etc/resolv. conf

nameserver “ipaddress”

iv. edit named config file

#vi  /etc/named.conf


ipaddress beside;;

also add these below lines into the file.

zone “” in {
type master;
file “”;
allow-update {none;};
zone “” in {
type master;
file “”;
allow-update {none;};

3. change directory

i. change the directory structure to named. conf

#cd  /var/named/



ii. Create a file and add the following


$TTL1 d
2010031500; se = serial number
3h ; ref = refresh
15m;ref = update retry
3w; ex = expiry
3h; min = minimum
IN NS ns1
IN NS ns2
ns1  IN A
ns2 IN A
mail IN A

iii. edit and for the details of name server

#vi arpa.ns

Check the details

Also replace

ns2 IP address to

Step 3:  Restart and check Services

1. Restart and check services

#service named restart

Check service you have added


2. Ping services




3. check the host




>”enter the address”


4. check out for mail service :


and add in this file

IN MX 10


5.  check :


6. restart the named service

#service named restart

7. check out the service you added

#dig mx

For more details on domain name server you can also watch the Video:

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