How to change Time zone in Centos ?

Simple steps to change time zone in centos or redhat , in our configuration guide. We are going to show you on below example.

Operating System              : Centos release 6.5 (Final) 32 bit

Current Date and Time (zone)  : EST 2014 (New_York)

Change to : GST 2014 (Dubai)

The sample time zone scripts are locate in (/usr/share/zoneinfo/).

[root@experts ~]# cd  /usr/share/zoneinfo/

[root@experts zoneinfo]# cd asia

[root@experts india]# ls

[root@experts zoneinfo]#pwd

In order to change the time zone suitable for your region. Copy associated time zone file from /usr/share/zoneinfo/Aisa/FileName to /etc/localtime.

[root@experts zoneinfo]#date

[root@experts zoneinfo]# cp –rp /usr/share/zoneinfo/Aisa/Dubai  /etc/localtime


Verify time zone setting status

[root@experts ~]#date

Thanks You.

For more Detail you can watch the Video :


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