How to install OpenVPN on Centos – 2/2

OpenVPN client installation and configuration windows

In our installation guide we covered all the steps like : download , install , configure & connect to OpenVPN server.

Download OpenVPN client for windows from below download link .

OpenVPN client on windows installation and configuration guide has prepared on following platform and services.

Operating System         :  Windows 7

OpenVPN client Software  :  openvpn-2.2.2

OpenVPN server IP        :

Steps :

Step 1 : Download OpenVPN installer package and install.

Step 2 : OpenVPN client configuration.

Step 3 : Connect to OpenVPN.

Let us see the steps in Details :

Step 1 : Download OpenVPN installer package and install.

1.1  Download

1.2  Install  openvpn client by invoking openvpn installer.

1.3  Copy  “client.conf” configuration file from C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\sample-config\  to  C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config\  ,  by default located in   C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\sample-config\  

Step 2 : OpenVPN client configuration.

2.1 Create a folder  “keys” under C:\ or D:\ or any other directory location.

In our guide we are going to create “ C:\keys

2.2  Copy certificates  ca.crt, client.crt  &  client.key  from  openvpn server to windows openvpn client in C:\keys

2.3  Start -> notepad.exe (as administrator ) -> open file -> C:\Programe Files\OpenVPN\config\client.ovpn

Edit client.ovpn openvpn client configuration , open notepad as administrator and modify below parameters :

remote  1194

ca C://keys//ca.crt

cert C://keys//client1.crt

key C://keys//client1.key

Note : Make sure ti use // to specify location for the certificate keys , in our guide we have copied all required certificates in C:\keys

Step 3 : Finally connect to OpenVPN

Start -> OpenVPN  GUI (As Administrator ) -> Status Bar -> OpenVPN icon -> connect.

Thank You. 

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