how to install phpVirtualBox ?

VirtualBox web based management console?

Below guide explain you how to download and configuring phpVirtualBox tool. The tool phpVirtualBox enables you to access VirtualBox over http which can be accessed from any client machine using browser(IE / Mozilla), phpVirtualBox written in PHP freely available to download .

In below example we used Centos 5.5 to configuring phpVirtualBox.

Dependency packages to configure phpVirtualBox.


#yum install php php-devel httpd httpd-devel

Download from fallowing URL :

Download phpVirtualBox and extract in http root folder

Rename phpVirtualBox to phpVirtualBox

#cd /var/www/html/



Rename to virtualb

#mv virtualbox

Change the owner and group

#chown -R apache:apache virutalbox

Rename / copy config.php-example to config.php

#cp -rp /var/www/html/virtualbox/config.php-example /var/www/html/virtualbox/config.php

VirtualBox Login Authentication: below user account has to be created and add user to an group as indicated below.

#useradd admin
#passwd admin
#usermod -G vboxusers admin
#VBoxManage setproperty websrvauthlibrary null

Execute below command to run vboxwebsrv which listens on “18083”, -b option to kick service to start in background process.

#vboxwebsrv -b    "-b is to run deamon in background"

Invoke browser type below URL

user :admin
pass : as you have applied in user create section as mentioned in above step.

VirtualBox Extension Pack. this extension pack is required in order to access VM console over RDP .

VirtualBox >= 4.0 – Remote Console Access

Accessing VM’s console via phpVirtualBox console over RDP tab or other RDP client, in order to access you has to Install VirtualBox Extension Pack from fallowing URL

Download and install VirtualBox extension pack.

#VBoxManage extpack install Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-4.1.18-78361.vbox-extpack

“Ready to Go….!”

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