How to Removing Bad PVs ?

PV = Physical Volume

VG = Volume Group

LV = Logical Volume

In our test scenario we are going to create a partition with the sdc disk drive and tag as an lvm file system and remove the parition to encounter bad pvs error during pvdisplay / vgdisplay.

Create a partition under the sdc disk drive, use below command. change parition id(8e) for LVM file system type.

[root@experts ~]#fdisk /dev/sdc

Add the newly created partition to PV(Phsical Volume)

[root@experts ~]# pvcreate /dev/sdc2

Extend vg_controller by adding

[root@experts ~]#vgextend vg_controller /dev/sdc2

Remove sdc3 partition from sdc disk. Check for bad PV’s or VG’s(Volume Group)

#fdisk /dev/sdc

and remove the partion

[root@experts ~]#vgdisplay

Remov bad PV’s and VG’s

[root@experts ~]#vgreduce –removemissing –v vg_controller


Watch out this video:

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