Installation OpenVPN client on Windows

In this guide we covered all the steps involved to download, install, configure & connect to OpenVPN server.

Download OpenVPN from here

Above OpenVPN windows installer can be used for OpenVPN server configuration  or OpenVPN client configuration, this can be differentiated  based the configuration file your intended  to use , by default “server.conf” and “client.conf” configuration files located in sample configuration  folder. “C:\Program Files\OpenVPN”

"server.conf is for server based configuration purpose"
"client.conf is for client based configuration purpose"

OpenVPN server listens on UDP / TCP  port 1194 , this port can be customized for security  reasons or can run multiple instances, from client machines make sure to open up the port in firewall for in and out going traffic otherwise connection will be dropped.

Also you need to check at server end in firewall settings, the port number “tcp/upd” 1194 is allowed for in and out traffic.

Steps :

Step 1 : Invoke downloaded OpenVPN installer package to perform installation.

Step 2 : OpenVPN client configuration

Step 3 : Finally connect to OpenVPN

Let us see the steps in Details :

Step 1 : Invoke downloaded OpenVPN installer package to perform installation.



 Invoke OpenVPN configuration destination folder as indicated below.

Copy “client.conf” configuration file from sample-config folder as indicated below

Go and paste the copied client.conf file to C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config

Step 2 : OpenVPN client configuration

Copy client certificates and key files from OpenVPN Server which we covered in server configuration steps

Below key and certificates are required to configure OpenVPN client, you have to copy below certificates and key from OpenVPN server which we created during certificate and keys generation in server configuration steps.

ca         : ca.crt
cert      :client1.crt
key      :client1.key

Create the folder called keys in C:\keys


Copy ca.crt , client1.crt & client1.key files from OpenVPN server to C:\keys\

Modify client.ovpn as indicated below.   You can’t modify this file as normal user , open notepad or WordPad as administrator than invoke the file c:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config  as indicate below.

Do the fallowing changes (change1  & change 2)

Change 1

# The hostname/IP and port of the server.
# You can have multiple remote entries
# to load balance between the servers.

remote 1194
;remote my-server-2 1194

Change 2

# SSL/TLS parms.
# See the server config file for more
# description.  It’s best to use
# a separate .crt/.key file pair
# for each client.  A single ca
# file can be used for all clients.

ca C://keys//ca.crt
cert C://keys//client1.crt
key C://keys//client1.key

Note : make sue  to use //  to specify key and certificates location , as we have copied in c:\keys

Step 3 : Finally connect to OpenVPN as indicated below..

Thank You.

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