Nagios installation and configuration on Linux or Centos

🙄 How to install nagios on RHEL  / CentOS

Nagios infrastructure resources monitoring tools installation and configuration on Redhat Linux or Centos .

Nagios is very powerful IT infrastructure monitoring tool from open source community . Nagios is widely used  Open source tool for monitoring IT infrastructure resources like Windows based servers , Linux Servers , Switches , Routers , UPS and many

Installation and configuration of  Nagios Core on Redhat or Centos is very simple.

Defining thresholds on IT resource using Nagios for  Warning and Critical alerts which capture such alerts and send to required stake holders using  (SMS, Email & Pager).

SMS on Mobile: – Required Transactional SMS package from SMS Service Provider.

😯 Below IT infrastructure resources can be monitored using Nagios monitoring tools.

Devices: Switch, Routers, Printers & UPS

Servers: Memory, Disk Space, RAID, Processor, Users sessions, uptime, Traffic

Services: Web, Applications, Mail, Database or any TCP / UDP services like

* Nagios plug-ins can be downloaded as per your requirement.