Openfire Server Installation on Windows

Openfire is a cross-platform server and might be put in below Linux, Solaris, Mac, or Windows package environments. Once it involves system necessities, Openfire is extremely suave and an ideal gentleman UN agency has very moderate demands. Openfire is an instant messenger (IM) and chat server that works with XMPP protocol. This document will provide you through installing Openfire.

You don’t got to pay a lot of time getting ready your system for putting in  Openfire. Simply sensethe surroundings you are comfy with Windows or Linux like chapeau, Debian, or Ubuntu, and you are sensible to travel. You do not have to be compelled to skylark play obtaining obscure libraries or worry about mismatched versions just download openfire sever on windows by following the steps given below:

Step 1 : Download openfire server application
Step 2 : Start the installation process.
Step 3 : Start openfire server.
Step 4 : Login to web and enter admin details.

To start the installation of openfire follow the steps provided:

Step 1 :
download openfire server from the link provided for windows and run the application

Step 2 : Select the language you wanted and follow the process to complete the installation of openfire server:

Step 3 : Start the server

Step 4 : Login to web browser and enter your admin details as per requirement and web page figures are shown below.





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