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Apache hardening checklist

How to secure Apache web server? Hardening to the web server is a very challenging in day to day life. Some useful techniques to minimize the risk of being a victim of hacked. The following checklist to secure Apache web server 1. Upgrade Apache web server 2. Prevent Apache web server version display 3. Prevent Directory […]

Apache Configuration using Self Signed Certificate(SSL)

The SSL is Secure Socket Layer. Public and Private keys :  establishes secure connection between Client and Webserver using strong encryption Create Self signed Certificate for internal or testing purpose, for production / public access use certificate from trusted certificate authority For Example: GoDaddy ,  Verisign, Digicert & many more.

Installation of Apache Hadoop Cluster and High Availability

Apache Hadoop cluster configuration on Hadoop 2.3.0 with high availability,  complete installation and configuration has been divided into three  chapters as below. Chapter 1            : Installing Hadoop 2.3.0 Chapter 2            : Configuring Hadoop cluster high availability. Chapter 3            : Test the failover. Quorum Journal Manager or  Shared Storage(NFS share) Method : Quorum Journal Manager

Apache Integration with Tomcat Apache

Application server performance like (Jboss / Tomcat) is slower than webservers like (IIS / Apache ). Jboss : Java based application server (J2EE) Tomcat : Java servlet engine. Tomcat Apache is an open source application server written in Java, The default port for  java application server is 8080 and apache 80.

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