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How to monitor windows client in cacti?

How to monitor windows client in cacti? Cacti is a observance / monitoring tool from that Infrastructure resources is monitored like (Windows machines, UNIX operating system machines, switch, Routers and SNMP based devices).

Cacti Configuration on Centos 6.4

Cacti is very excellent and effective monitoring tool across all open source based monitoring tools in market. Cacti provide you graphical view of IT infrastructure resource like server, network & other (memory, disk utilization, network ping response, load & bandwidth utilization. To install follow the below process. Step 1:  Cacti Packages Installation Step 2:  Start all the Services Step 3:  […]

SNMP Configuration on Windows 7

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) : SNMP enabled resources can be monitored using tools like Nagios , cacti & mrtg .SNMP listens on UDP protocol (port: 161& 162). Port 161 used to send the request and Port 162 to receive the trap notification. This article will guide you how to enabling SNMP on windows 7. […]

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