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Squid as transparent proxy

What is Squid? Squid is internet (web) cache proxy server to optimize the internet usage by storing frequently accessed data to its cache, which provides faster access to the same contents request of the clients. Also keeps track of user actions in squid.log file which locates in /var/log/squid/access.log Applying Access Control List to prevent unwanted […]

IPTABLES NAT by using a simple shell script

IPTABLES NAT by using a simple shell script. The simple shell script to write the NAT rule to allow internet access to the local network. With this guide we are going to show you how to write shell script for iptables NAT. In the guide we are using below configuration .


What is IPTABLES NAT and PAT ? Easy and simple steps to learn about iptables NAT concept and real time NAT rules to build Linux based router / firewall. Generally, the request received on Public IP, forwarding to a private IP address behind the firewall is called NAT (Network Address Translation). Ex: Outside Request -> […]


What is IPTABLES? It’s a firewall built into with your Linux box, IPTABLES is very powerful firewall to control network traffic. The filters can be applied on the source and destination IP address / protocol like TCP, UDP and ICMP. Following IPTABLES guide will assists you to understand the iptables and it’s chains including NAT […]

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