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SNMP Configuration on LINUX/CENTOS

To monitor Linux/Centos host systems with Nagios using SNMP you have to install net snmp packages that are used to communicate between nagios server and linux host systems.  SNMP is associate degree methodology of observance. Network devices, servers are commonly preferred to put in with dedicated agents on the right track machines. First, you have […]

Non Root user login through SSH in LINUX/CENTOS

SSH password less login between Linux machines as non root user , to enable password less login between two or more Linux / Centos machines as non root user. SSH password less login is required for a variety of tasks like (backups , Hadoop cluster , scripting). In our case we are using two Linux nodes […]

Restore Linux file Permission

File permissions in Linux got changed accidentally (chmod -R 777 / Linux system files incorrectly configured). Due to incorrect file permission on Linux file system may cause troubles to boot or load services, Restoring file permission to default level is quite complicated but below steps shall retrieve your Linux machine. Step 1 : Run the commands […]

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