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MRTG Installation and Configuration steps on Centos / Redhat

MRTG: Mutli Router Traffic Grapher, It is nothing but the network traffic Monitoring over snmp protocol. Written in Perl works on  Windows &  Linux platforms. MRTG is a free software package under the GNU GPL. MRTG helps us to monitor snmp enabled devices like (router, Switches or any snmp enabled).

Configuration of linux client on Nagios Server

Nagios is an efficient network monitoring tool. This allows you to monitor company network, routers, switches, servers and other applications etc. There are many plugins that are available and its immense community makes Nagios the largest open source monitoring tool. Here we are going to see about the configuration of  linux  client on nagios server. Steps : Step 1 : Install Nagios-plugin and nrpe add-on on client side.

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