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How to recover mysql root password ?

Sometime we needed to restore the password, for that we are going to see the Easy steps to recover mysql root password with the help of following steps.

MySql Commands on LINUX

Different types of Useful mysql commands that are used to access mysql  services on linux machine  . 1. Login to mysql root user #mysql –u root –p or #mysql -u root -h -p 2. Create new database >CREATE DATABASE DUMPDB; 3. Provide privilegesto the database and users >GRANT ALL ON DUMPDB.* TO user1@localhost IDENTIFIED […]

Cacti Configuration on Centos 6.4

Cacti is very excellent and effective monitoring tool across all open source based monitoring tools in market. Cacti provide you graphical view of IT infrastructure resource like server, network & other (memory, disk utilization, network ping response, load & bandwidth utilization. To install follow the below process. Step 1:  Cacti Packages Installation Step 2:  Start all the Services Step 3:  […]

Hive Database Installation on Centos

Hive is an Apache Hive data warehouse software for querying and managing a large dataset store in distributed storage  (hdfs, Hadoop). Hive provides a platform to Project structure onto this data and query the data using a language called HIVEQL. Step 1: System Requirements and Dependencies Step 2: Download and Install Hive Step 3: Copy .xml files […]

MySQL Master and Slave Configuration on LINUX

Replication allows MySQL server (the master) to be replicated to optional MySQL servers (the slaves). Duplication is asynchronous – slaves needn’t be connected all the time to receive updates from the master. This implies that updates will occur over long-distance links and even over transient or intermittent links like a dial-up service. Depending on the […]

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