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How to protect SSH server

How to secure ssh server from attacks ? SSH (Secure Shell):  Secure the ssh server from brute force attack and other vulnerabilities. The checklist for securing the ssh server can mitigate the risk of getting hacked. The periodical upgrade of ssh package from the repository is always recommended. With our guide we are going to […]

SVN client configuration on Linux

How to install and configure svn client on linux and useful commands   SVN is a part of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). SVN server is required to manage source code version in the development environment, CollabNetSubversionEdge is open source (freeware). CollabNetSubversionEdge support of variety of Operating systems like Linux, Solari & Windows. svn server […]

How to create a bridge interface on RHEL/CentOS

A bridge network interface  is a virtual interface mapped to corresponding physical interfaces.   Bridge network configuration in Linux can be managed using network configuration files located in /etc/sysconfig/network-script. The purpose of bridging , the network connectivity fail over to avoid network downtime for production critical services / server.

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