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XAMPP Virtual Host Configuration on Windows

XAMPP is a open source  web server package bundles of (Apache, PHP, Mysql , FTP  & Tomcat Apache). Installation and virtual hosting configuration on XAMPP server on Windows7 / Windows 2003 / Windows 2008. XAMPP server  installation & configuration guide have prepared for following platform and services

How to sync time in Linux from NTP server (Windows) ?

Time sync in Linux from NTP server, in our guide we are using below specifications.

Openfire Server Installation and Configuration

Openfire Server Installation And Configuration Openfire is a messaging collaboration server licensed under the open source Apache foundation.  It uses open protocol called XMPP (Jabber) which is widely used for Instant messaging system, the features supported (Text Chat , Voice Chat , Files sharing , Desktop sharing & archive). Let us see the steps of […]

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