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How to Install VirtualBox & phpVirtualBox on Centos / Redhat

VirtualBox is virtualization product which can run on a variety of operating systems, virtualbox is a product similar to other virtualization platform software tools like VMware , XEN , KVM & Hypervisor. VirtualBox, this support various of a guest OS system which includes windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Linux, Centos & Solaris. VirtualBox is […]

how to install phpVirtualBox ?

VirtualBox web based management console? Below guide explain you how to download and configuring phpVirtualBox tool. The tool phpVirtualBox enables you to access VirtualBox over http which can be accessed from any client machine using browser(IE / Mozilla), phpVirtualBox written in PHP freely available to download . In below example we used Centos 5.5 to configuring phpVirtualBox. Dependency […]

What is VirtualBox

  VirtualBox is a virtualization product which can run on variety of Operating systems, virtulbox is a product similar to other virtualization platforms software tools like VMware, XEN,KVM & Hypervisor. VirtulBox , this support various of guest OS system which includes  windows XP, Windows 7 , Windows 2008, Linux, Centos & Solaris.  VirtualBox is freely […]

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