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How to sync time in Linux from NTP server (Windows) ?

Time sync in Linux from NTP server, in our guide we are using below specifications.

How to monitor windows client in cacti?

How to monitor windows client in cacti? Cacti is a observance / monitoring tool from that Infrastructure resources is monitored like (Windows machines, UNIX operating system machines, switch, Routers and SNMP based devices).

Active Directory Installation on Windows Server 2008 R2

This installation steps offer info concerning Active Directory on Windows ServerĀ® 2008 R2 package that features problems that you just might have to figure around before beginning AN installation. These sections offer the Windows server interface, command-line, and answer file ways for performing arts installations of active directory. You may be prompted for a basic […]

Openfire Server Installation on Windows

Openfire is a cross-platform server and might be put in below Linux, Solaris, Mac, or Windows package environments. Once it involves system necessities, Openfire is extremely suave and an ideal gentleman UN agency has very moderate demands. Openfire is an instant messenger (IM) and chat server that works with XMPP protocol. This document will provide […]

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