Test the FailOver – Chapter 3

Cross checks the status of master and slave namenode  using  below hdfs command.

[hduser@mn1~]$hdfs haadmin -getServiceState mn1

[hduser@mn1~]$hdfs haadmin -getServiceState mn2

In our installation guide we are going to show you Failover test using two methods

1. Killing namenode service in master node

2. Manual failover

Let us see the Methods in Details :

1. Killing namenode service in master node

[hduser@mn1~]$kill -9 pid

Check the logs or use dfs haadmin –getServiceState to confirm the automatic failover

2. Manual failover

[hduser@mn1~]$hdfs haadmin -failover mn1 mn2

Start / Stop specific service from group of services in hadoop cluster using below command


[hduser@mn1~]$hadoop-daemon.sh start zkfc

[hduser@mn1~]$hadoop-daemon.sh start namenode

Web based console to check the cluster status

http://mn1:50070 or http://IP:50070

http://mn2:50070 or http://IP:50070


Thank You.

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