ThinApps Installation and configuration steps


VMware View  5  ThinApps  installation and configuration

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  • Install dedicated VM’s for Windows XP and Windows 7(for installations required software’s  for assigning   to pool or desktop)
  • Install VMware-ThinApp-Enterprise-4.6.1-361923.exe in associated dedicated VM. 
  • Office Bulk Licens.
  •  VMware-ThinApp-Enterprise software in dedicated VM for Thinapps.

Installation VMware-ThinApp-Enterprise-4.6.1-361923.exe

  • Double click on the Vmware Thinapp Enterprise file to start the installation.

  • Click Yes.

  • Click Next.


  • When we click on Prescan, the application will scan the Operating System and create a baseline so that it can see what changes are made once an application is installed. Click Prescan.

  • After the Prescan is finished we are notified to install the application that we wish to capture. In this example it will be Firefox 4. I’ve already downloaded the install files for Firefox.


  • Go ahead and install Firefox and make any changes that you wish to carry into the Thinapp. For example I would change the default cache size down to 150MB. If you are installing another application that requires a reboot, go ahead and reboot the system and Thinapp Capture will start up automatically once you’re logged back in.