ThinApps Installation and configuration steps

  • Back at the Thinapp Capture click Postscan. The Postscan will scan your computer and pick up on changes that have been made to the system since the Prescan. For example files and registry.

  • You will be asked if the application is completely installed. Click Ok.

  • The Entry Point is basically the list of applications that have been detected by the Postscan. Click the application that you wish to package and click Next.

  • You have the ability to limit the application to Everyone or by Active Directory and Local groups. In this tutorial I will select Everyone. Click Next.


  • The description in the following image gives a good explanation as to what each setting does. For more information check the Thinapp Admin guide in the Resources section. Click Next.

  • I would like to keep user configuration and data in the %AppData%\Thinstall directory. Click Next.

  • Choose whether you wish to send anonymous usage statistics to Vmware. Click Next.