ThinApps Installation and configuration steps

  • Thinapp has detected that we are packaging a browser application and you have the option to redirect user specified web sites from internet explorer to firefox. If you wish to include any redirected websites, type them here and click Next.


  • Give a name to the Inventory. This is the folder that is created in C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware ThinApp\Captures\. Click Next.

  • You have an option to create an MSI package and Compress the virtual package. Click Save.


  • You can edit the Package.ini for further customization. Click Build.

  • The build process is now complete. Click finish.

  • If we go to the location where we saved the capture we will see the MSI and the Virtual Thinapp Application. Copy this folder to a network share somewhere and revert the Operating System snapshot back to the baseline. Repeat this tutorial to create another Thinapp Application.