What is S3 – Amazon Web services. ?

What is S3 – Amazon Web services. ?

S3 is a simple storage design by amazon web services to provide scalable object storage for large and enterprise applications, s3 storage is very fast to read and writes files to or from s3 bucket.

What is the S3 bucket?

S3 bucket is a logical partition, under the bucket you can create sub folders and apply permission to a folder or file.

The S3 storage module supports rest API to access files and folder from the bucket. S3 is a cost effective solution to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the webs (video, audio and any format).

The single object size can be up to 5TB, this is very useful for a variety of purpose like.
Ex: Online Backup, BigData, Image and Video Steaming.

What is an Object?

It’s (data, a key & metadata. The Object key uniquely identifies the object with the bucket).

Ex: bucketname.foldername.filename

 S3 – Functions:

  • · Allow unlimited storage space
  • · Single object size can be up to 5TB
  • · Objects are stored and can be retrieved using assigned key.
  • · Data secured by allowing access through authentication
  • · Objects can be allowed into public over the web.
  • · Versioning to preserve, retrieve, and restore every version of every object stored in S3 bucket – New

S3 – Features:

  • · High availbitiy with 99.99999% uptime
  • · Highly-scalable object storage – Pay as you use.
  • · API integration to upload / download & retrieve files and folder within a bucket
  • · Web based interface to access S3 bucket
  • · Replacement of Hadoop file system
  • · High Performance
  • · Encryption supported using the API or SSL
  • · No cost for upload traffic
  • · The single block can be up to 5TB
  • · Multiple replication of S3 storage within the availbity zone.
  • · Customize url to access S3 bucket using a CNAME record pointing to the base URL of S3 bucket
  • · Support hosting a Static website / pages for a domain.


S3 – Disadvantages:

  • · Bucket ownership is not transferable
  • · Each AWS account can own up to 100 buckets at a time
  • · Bucket names must be DNS compliant in all regions.
  • · S3 is not user-friendly to new babies


  • · In the year 2008, It has 2 major outages in the month of February and July.
  • · In the year 2007, s3 had speed issues.


S3 – Pricing

  • · Charges are applicable for using s3 is based on the location of your buckets.
  • · Charges are applicable based on the usage for storage in GB, data transfer for in and out.
  • · Pay as you use
  • · Charges can be viewed immediately on the s3 portal.
  • · The Usage report can be downloaded in a variety of formats like XML, csv & pdf.
  • · No cost for deleting request


S3 – Amazon Web services



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